Whitepaper Speakeasy orders are a record of personal process, sprinkled with organic entertainment. Each reading requires the overlap of academic research with performative rituals–one of my favorite combos.

Let’s explore Web 3.0 together. I’m reading various whitepapers aloud and it would be my honor to talk you to sleep with these delectably soft listening experiences. Please reference official literature as I tend to fuck up vocabulary pronunciation, reading math equations and code. This subject matter is computer science at its core, of which I currently know nothing. But by the end of 2022, I will be able to narrate perfectly.


Ennis (like tennis) is a process artist & brand architect. Korean-Canadian with a BFA in Graphic Design. Since 2011, she has been bouncing around the world (Hong Kong, Atlanta, NY, etc.) on a path of innovation, introspection and creative development. She now merges 15+ years of experience in

1) Food & Hospitality
2) Branding & Design
3) Fine Art & Education

to produce perfectly unique omni-channel experiences that bridge communities and spark conversations of philosophy/psychology. Her works are often described as balanced, rabbit-holes, hyper-detailed. Ennis is dedicating the years 2017-2027 to exploring themes of duality, identity and time.

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Sean Valentine

YTPPR Partner, content advisor, NFT/Crypto & community building strategizer. Sean is a financial analyst by day, entertainment producer by night. Graduate of Howard. Mentor to artists and entrepreneurs alike. One who understands the balance of art & commerce.