How long are your lessons?

Lessons for lower levels (Grade 2 and below) are 1 hour long due to their short attention span. Each lesson for other levels goes on for 1.5 hours. However, we practice flexibility where parents can request for lessons to be for 1 hour.

How do you know the level of the student at the start?

Before the commencement of the first lesson, an assessment will be given to ascertain the gaps in understanding in order for the tutor to plan instruction.

What age groups are your students?

Our students range from 3 to 18 years old.

What curriculum and syllabus do you follow?

We specialize in Cambridge (UK) and Singapore curricula. Our students mainly will take the Cambridge checkpoints, IGCSE and International AS and A Level Examinations. However, we are still able to assist if your child is following a different curriculum like IB, AP, VCE, etc.

We do our best to find a tutor who is well-versed in your child’s curricula to ensure relevancy to their school syllabus. Every lesson is designed to help your child master topics from the school syllabus and achieve key learning milestones. This means that there’s always room for progression, improvement, and increased confidence.

What is Singapore Math?

One of the methods utilized in Singapore Math is the heuristics. Heuristics are a set of problem-solving techniques that help us discover the best and most practical ways to solve mathematical word problems. They develop one’s logical thinking and ability to solve complex mathematical word problems.

Questions in each chapter take students on a trip from easy sums to tough ones, building their confidence along the way. They enable the students to have a better understanding on the type of questions that can be set and a clear knowledge on the method that can be used to solve these questions.

Worked examples show detailed and specific steps to solving a problem. Learning is also reinforced through similar question types following the examples. Step-by-step solutions to all the questions are provided to guide pupils not only in attaining answers, but also to show the correct presentation of working steps.

Singapore Math is only offered in Primary level.

How much are your fees?

Our fees vary for different grades, subjects and programmes. Please call or drop us a message to find out more details.

Do you have private or group lessons?

We offer both private and group lessons at different rates. Our group sizes for regular classes are from 2 to 4 students.

What subjects are available?

We offer English, math, science and Chinese lessons. Requests for other subjects can be made available too.

Do you conduct lessons online or offline?

All our lessons are online on Zoom. Online learning provides a lot of added flexibility when scheduling, saves time, is more economical, and can easily communicate with tutors, just to name a few.

Who are your tutors?

Our tutors play a critical role in inspiring our students to think creatively and effectively. Our teaching community comprises of qualified and experienced teachers who possess a wealth of teaching experience, subject matter knowledge and familiarity with the syllabus. They have international teaching experience and come from a variety of countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, UK, US, Canada, etc.


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